Four Legged Baby Will Undergo Amputation

7 07 2007

Those that haven’t had the opportunity, or stomach, to browse through medical books featuring oddities of the human form may find this case a bit shocking.

A baby girl with four legs was born near a small town called Polokwane in South Africa on Thursday. Doctors are planning on amputating two of her legs. They expect her to make a full recovery and live a normal life.

“Our medical specialists have observed her and believe that she can pull through,” said a health official spokesperson.

“The baby is responding very well and surgery will be carried out on her very soon.”

Another case of a four legged girl was reported in 2003. The young child with polymelia, a condition of being born with excessive limbs, was born in Zambia. The child had 4 legs, 3 arms, 3 kidneys and an abnormal liver. Unfortunately, she died at 3 months old from septicemia before undergoing operations to help her.

Zambia baby born with 4 legs in 2003.
Zambia baby born with 4 legs and other oddities in 2003.

UPDATE: I’m sorry to report that this baby did not make it out of surgery “following complications in her stomach after the operation,” reported provincial health department spokesperson Phuti Seloba.




9 responses

9 11 2007

Aww Thats So Sad How Is tha Baby Now Does Any One Know?

17 11 2007
Health Sures » 4 Legged Baby will undergo amputation (pic included)

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19 11 2007

I feel so bad for her.Im so sorry

30 11 2007

i hope she get bettter

6 12 2007

that is sooooooo sad!!!!!!:-(

23 01 2008

I was born w/ three legs in 1972………along w/ a mountain of other problems to make things oh, so wonderful w/ over 30 operations being done. All my corrective operations were experimental..I wonder how much of the research gained from my hell me was helpful in this babys case. Before me the only case of multipule legs was 400 years ago in Europe..So says Johns Hopkins, anyhow…

23 02 2008

Hi my name is Samely feel so bad abot it!!!!!!!!

6 08 2008

We have a similar baby with three legs. Kindly provide details of waht happened to the child and published reports if any.

17 01 2010

God know the best for every being created in the world, for me i will say her world is not different form other being created by God. thanks

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