Neuroscience Social Network

16 07 2010

I haven’t checked on Neuroscience News in quite a while, so I was extremely excited to see the changes. They now have an entire neuroscience social network setup and is free to join. I’m heading over again right after this to join up.

I’m trying to think of a good username right now. I want a name that screams “neuroscience” but not necessarily “obsessed about neuroscience.” If you have any suggestions please post them here in the next few minutes.

I’ll give you all 30 minutes until I join. If nobody makes a suggestion then I’ll leave it to my own neuroscience geeky imagination and I don’t like to trust that imagination.

Hope to meet some new neuroscience friends over there.  If you know me from this spot, be sure to let me know over there and friend me.

Neuroscience Social Network




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16 07 2010

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