The Sighs Heard ‘Round the World

8 11 2008

Sighs of relief are echoing across the entire science landscape this week as the Obama win sinks in.

Like many, I stayed up late on election night to guard the television set just in case a bandit attempted to swipe another election away from the people. I too cheered when the reluctant stations finally credited Obama with the win in the presidential election.

After a few minutes of celebrating, I noticed long forgotten feelings swelling up yet again inside me that hadn’t been present in quite some time.

Relief. Optimism. Pride. Inspiration. Welcome back to you all.

The scientific forums across the net are coming to life with a new sense of purpose. Scientists across the world, whom often expect the United States to help lead the way in research, are extremely relieved to see the end of a brutal Bush era.

We all seem to be thinking the same things. ‘Let’s get back to work’ and ‘hold on to your hats.’

News is starting to spread regarding the possible lifting of stem cell research bans, increasing of scientific funding and improvements in our educational system.

Barrack Obama has the potential to be credited with helping so many of the discoveries that await by simply allowing them to occur. Many years from now, scientists will point back to these decisions as necessities for the scientific marvels they will behold.

The relief we feel could be compared to that felt by Michael Phelps as he finally edged his toes over the starting blocks for that first race in these last Olympics.

Scientists take your mark.